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Reviewer: Khanhtien

Smart Kid is a very touching and funny teacher-student relationship story that mixes drama in with comedy. Dicky Cheung, who plays the main character Bu Dong ( Nhiet Huu in Viet) is the hilarious teacher who is the only person who can control his horrible students. The first half of the story focuses on Nhiet Huu and his group of students and all the wild, wacky adventures that they have together, while the second half of the story is basically about the political power struggles and Bu Dong's relationship with his half brother, the emperor.

I liked the first half better, especially the stories about Dai Quan, a student who works hard, but no confidence to stand up for himself. Eventually, Dicky gets him to realize his love for planting pear trees. I also liked Lac Thieu Cap's story, and also Hinh Phong's story as well.

Dicky Cheung as Bu Dong (Nhiet Huu) - This guy is a very happy-go-lucky character who values his students and always puts them before himself. I thought Dicky was great in this role, as he is always good playing these kinds of characters.

Li Bing Bing as Zi Yan (Tu Ngon) - This character at first is pretty much very spoiled and dislikes her father and her teacher, Bu Dong. At the end of the story, she turns out to be quite a lovable person. I thought Li Bing Bing and Dicky looked very cute together in the story.

There are other mentionable characters like Chu Chanh, Ly Phung, Tu Phuc, Vo Huu but I'm sure everyone has seen this series. In conclusion, Smart Kid is a great series to watch, if someone has not seen this, go to your video store now and rent it!!